Frequently Asked Questions About Undiscovered Death Cleanup

17 November 2021
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Death cleanup is one of the most difficult services to request. In the wake of a loss, it's normal to be unsure about the next steps. After all, there are few guidelines for what to do and how to act after a loved one passes away. If you have questions about undiscovered death cleanup, you are not alone. These are some of the most common questions people ask about these services.

What Is an Undiscovered Death?

An undiscovered death, which may also be referred to as an unattended death, is one in which nobody else was present at the time. These types of deaths are different than others because they may involve a longer period of time between death and discovery. These types of situations may require deeper cleaning than others.

Who Hires Death Cleanup Companies?

A variety of people hire cleaning companies for undiscovered deaths. Often, family members and friends are the ones to make the call. In other situations, property owners or managers are the ones responsible for cleaning up a home.

What Can't You Clean Up the Home Yourself?

Often, people wonder why they cannot clean up the house themselves. There is a good reason for this: bodily fluids that exit the body after death are hazardous. A professional can sanitize the area where the death occurred and ensure that it is safe and habitable for others. They remove all traces that something happened in the area, which can provide peace of mind for loved ones of the deceased.

Special equipment, including biohazard-safe suits, are essential for this process. For somebody who does not have experience and education, this process can be expensive and unsafe.

Will the Crew Remove Personal Items?

In some cases, items will need to be removed. For example, cleaning professionals will remove things like cabinet doors, carpet, and furniture that will hold onto foul odors and fluids. This could mean that personal items will be thrown away. It also means that some parts of your home, like wood paneling and drywall, may need to be removed for the safety of those who live in the home.

How Can You Get a Cleanup Company to Help?

Your next step should be to call an undiscovered death cleanup company. A professional can help you take the next steps, as difficult as they may be. The goal is to leave you with a space that is sanitized and safe.