Debunking The Myths About Mold Removal

26 January 2023
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If your house has mold, you should hire a mold remediation service to limit the damage caused. Mold has profound health implications and can damage your home's structural features. Before enlisting a mold removal service, here are some myths you should beware of.

When There Is No Odor, There Is No Mold

Although odor is one sign of the presence of mold, when you cannot smell mold, it doesn't mean it's not there. A thorough inspection is the only way to confirm whether there is mold. You should check areas such as the attic, under sinks, bathrooms, and crawl spaces. It is also crucial that you check areas where there are plumbing or roofing leaks.

Physical indicators of mold include black growths or discolored surfaces. Some health indicators are bloodshot eyes, sneezing, and skin rashes. Also, if you have shortness of breath and joint swelling, you probably have inhaled the mold spores.

Black Mold Is the Only Dangerous Mold

Many people think that black mold is the only mold that can make you sick. The reason black mold makes you sick is because it releases mycotoxins. Any mold spore that produces mycotoxins can make you sick. The only way to determine whether mold is dangerous is through mold tests. The testing gives your home a score of the toxicity of molds.

Mold Takes Weeks to Grow

Mold grows in a matter of hours after water exposure. It continues to spread until you eliminate the source of moisture. A small water spill on your windowpane is enough to trigger mold if it isn't wiped off. Therefore, it is crucial to promptly deal with the source of moisture and to use products that destroy mold spores. 

Removal Is Optional After You Kill Mold

Since the mycotoxins produced by mold are dangerous, killing mold isn't enough. Mold removal involves replacing all the materials that were affected by the mold. Mold spores release mycotoxins during remediation. 

These toxins are absorbed by materials in your home. It is difficult to remove or dry out porous materials because mold spores are deeply absorbed in these materials. Therefore, after killing mold, the experts will recommend replacing all the affected materials.

In Closing

If you notice any early signs of mold, make sure you call a mold removal service to remedy the problem before it worsens. Depending on the amount of mold and its location, the remediation process may take weeks. Therefore, make temporary living arrangements to allow for the successful completion of the mold removal process.

For more information about mold removal, contact a local company.