A Toilet Backup Needs Prompt Attention From A Plumber

19 July 2021
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A toilet backup is an unpleasant occurrence that can pose a health risk to your family. A backup could mean sewage backs into a sink or tub. A toilet might even overflow and contaminate the floor and your belongings. A toilet backup creates a toxic mess that has to be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of germs. Here are signs of an impending toilet backup, how a plumber can clear the blockage, and how to minimize your risk of a toilet backup happening again.

Signs A Clogged Sewer Drain Is Building

A toilet backup might happen on the spur of the moment, but it's likely you'll have advanced notice. If your toilet is slow to empty or if drains take longer than usual to empty, it could be a sign of a clog that hasn't completely closed off the drain yet. This condition may continue to get worse until no more waste or water can pass through. When that happens, sewage backs up in your house or in the yard.

Ways A Plumber Can Deal With A Toilet Backup

Dealing with a toilet backup could be an easy job if the problem is a simple paper or tree root clog. A plumber can clear a clog like this with a drain auger or a water jet. They may even work from the cleanout in your yard if your plumbing has one. Sometimes it's necessary to have a video inspection of the sewer drain to determine the exact nature of the problem. A toilet backup might be caused by a collapsed drain which would require different repairs other than snaking or jetting.

If a collapsed drain is the issue, the drain can be dug up and replaced, dug up and repaired, patched internally, or replaced with a liner. One of these repair options may be necessary if tree roots collapsed the drain or if the drain was crushed due to heavy equipment driving over it.

Clearing the clog is just part of the process for cleaning up a backed-up toilet. The areas contaminated with sewage have to be sanitized. You might do this yourself if only hard surfaces were involved, but if there was a lot of sewage backup and more than just your bathroom was affected, you may need professional help to sanitize your home.

Ways To Prevent Future Backups

If you don't pour grease down the drain or flush wet wipes, you might avoid a toilet backup disaster. It's important to be careful about what you put down the drains in your home so you protect your plumbing. Besides that, it's essential to get professional help for problems while they're still minor. When your sinks slow down, call a plumber without delay so you can avoid dealing with sewage in your home. To learn more, contact a company like Rob's Septic Tanks Inc.