3 Things To Consider When Renting Portable Restrooms For Your Wedding And Reception

23 January 2019
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There are so many amazing and beautiful outdoor spaces where a couple can hold an outdoor wedding and reception. However, many idyllic outdoor spaces may not have any type of restroom facilities, which can deter engaged couples from moving on with their planning. Luckily, the sanitation industry has noticed the need for portable restroom rental for special events, and there are many companies that offer amazing portable restrooms that will fit in at any type of wedding, from formal to casual. If you're interested in planning a wedding and reception in an area without bathroom facilities, use the following tips when renting portable restrooms.

Guest Count

It is always very important to consider the number of guests that you expect to attend your outdoor wedding before you rent any portable restrooms. While you can't wait until every RSVP is sent in to book your rental, it is a good idea to have a rough guest list and an idea of how many people are invited before you contact a portable restroom rental company. A reputable portable restroom rental company will take into account the number of guests that you expect to attend and give professional advice about how many restrooms should be rented in order to accommodate everyone.

Features and Amenities

The portable restrooms available for rent today have come a long way. Some companies offer incredibly luxurious portable restrooms that are just as nice, or even better, than any restroom that you will find at a dedicated wedding venue or hotel space. Before you look into renting portable restrooms for your wedding, make a list of both wants and needs. Many portable restroom rental companies now offer portable restrooms that are equipped with lighting, running water, multiple toilet stalls, and climate control. Luxury portable restroom rentals can be quite opulent and include things like televisions, heated flooring, and bathroom attendants to assist wedding guests.


If you're dreaming of having an outdoor wedding in a location that does not have bathroom facilities, renting portable restrooms is your best bet. But, weddings can be quite expensive, so it is essential to set a specific budget just for portable restroom rentals. If you fail to make a line item budget for this expense, there is a good chance that you can overpay for your rental or run out of money before the portable restrooms are booked and paid for due to other wedding and reception expenses. 

For more information, reach out to companies that offer portable restroom rentals.