Reserve And Set Up A Portable Restroom Trailer

18 February 2018
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Plumbing problems can make life difficult and prevent you and your employees from using the restroom at the factory that you own. If the plumbing inside of the restroom needs to be replaced, renting a portable restroom trailer is a viable way to ensure that you and your workers are provided with running water and a sanitary restroom. Use the tips below to assist with reserving and setting up a restroom.

Choose A Style And Request A Delivery

A business that rents portable restrooms will have several styles and sizes in stock so that you can select a restroom that fulfills your needs. If you have men and women who are employed at your business, your best bet is to rent two restroom trailers so that men and women will not need to share a restroom, which could make some of your employees uncomfortable.

If your workers often use the standard restroom as a changing station, order a trailer that contains partitions in it so that workers can utilize the areas when they would like to put on or take off their uniforms. After deciding upon one or more trailers, arrange a time and date for the rentals to be delivered and set up on your property. Choose a portion of your property that is relatively flat and that is not frequented by people on a daily basis. 

Add Handicap Features And Accessories

If any of your workers have limited mobility or have incurred an injury that makes it difficult for them to climb steps, a portable rampway and safety bars can be secured to the front of each restroom trailer so that workers can enter and exit the facilities without assistance. Add some accessories to each trailer if desired. Standing mirrors, folding chairs, portable lockers, and coat racks are some basic accessories that may come in handy.

Add Privacy Features And A Walkway

If the restroom trailer/trailers are located near a road or parking lot, your workers may feel embarrassed if they need to enter one of the units while other people are nearby. Perhaps, you could add some portable fencing panels next to the rentals so that people won't be able to view the restrooms from the road or lot.

Be sure to clear a section of the property so that your workers are provided with an easy way to access the restroom trailer/trailers. Plywod or paving stones can be placed upon the ground if the rentals are set up in an area that often gets muddy after heavy rainfall. The wood or stones can serve as a temporary walkway.