Want A Small Dumpster Rental? Use These Tips To Reduce Your Debris Pile

3 October 2017
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Whether you are cleaning out an entire house of stuff left behind by old tenants or you are cleaning out your parent's garage, you may need to rent one of the many dumpsters in your area. The thing is though, the bigger the dumpster, the bigger the rental fee. If you would like to simply rent a smaller dumpster in an attempt to save some money, you will need to review the following suggestions. This way, you will not have to worry about getting a small dumpster, only to find that it is not enough space.

Start Throwing Out Stuff Weekly

If your upcoming major cleanout project is not for a couple of weeks, you will want to start making use of the weekly garbage pickup that you already pay for. Of course, you will need to first call to inquire about any weekly limit on the number of bags that you can set on the curb for the garbage men. Once you have that information, you will want to purchase contractor bags. These bags are much bigger and thicker than your standard garbage bags so you will not have to worry about anything ripping through them. Bag up everything you can and add a few of those bags to the rest of the garbage that gets picked up each week. Do this every week until the dumpster arrives and you will be surprised at how much you were already able to get rid of.

Recycle What You Can

Even if you do not want to personally deal with taking scrap metal to the recycling center, there is usually someone who is willing. It might be a friend, family member, neighbor, or someone driving by who noticed that you have a pile of scrap metal with a sign that says it is free. Simply start piling all of the metal that can be recycled. Make sure that the pile is off to the side so it will not be in the way of the dumpster if it is going to arrive soon. If you cannot find anyone to take the scrap metal right away, you could always advertise on social media by creating a post and then asking your friends and family to share it. There is always someone out there in need of the money that can be made by recycling.

When you do just those two things, you will find that the amount of stuff that is left for a dumpster will be dramatically lessened. Contact a company like Tennessee Trash Service, L.L.C for more information and assistance.