Septic Tank Installation And Maintenance

1 September 2017
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If you are building a new home and installing a new septic tank or replacing an old tank, getting the new system of and running is important. Since all the waste water from your home flows into the tank, you must keep it running properly. The maintenance can be the hard part but repairs are not cheap and typical result in your lawn being torn up.

Removing  The Old Tank

If the old tank is in need of replacement, you will need to get it pumped out first. If the tank is leaking, there may not be a lot of material in there but whatever is in there needs to come out so that the contractor is not working in it. Besides being unpleasant, there are health risks that go along with that so get the tank pumped out by a service that can take the liquid and solids out of the tank. Once it is, the tank and plumbing will be dug up and removed from the site.

Surveying The Site

If you are doing a new installation, you will need to have the contractor and a surveyor work together to determine the best spot for the tank and leach field on the property. The ground material and the lot layout may be major considerations on the location of the tank but in most cases, the tank is placed near the house to minimize the length of the plumbing to the tank.  The leach field will be further away but since the water from the tank runs to it, it is more important that it be near the tank somewhat.

Installing The Tank

Once the old tank has been removed, it is time to place the new tank in the hole. If this is a new installation, the contractor will use an excavator to dig a hole that is the right size for the tank and set it in place, The plumbing can then be installed and the leach field created on the property. It is a big job and there is a lot of time involved but if you get a contractor that knows what he is doing so it is a one time job.

Maintaining Your Septic System

Once the new system is up and running, there is very little you need to do. Avoiding driving over it because you can crack the tank if you put a lot of weight on it! Don't put anything down the toilet or other drains that are not biodegradable because it can clog the tank. There are some septic tank treatments out there but check with the installer before using anything inside the new tanks Visit a site like for more info.